“The only thing I can hope that something like this award inspires is originality. Because the trailblazers that I look up to and have been inspired by are people like Gilda Rander and Bill Murray and John Candy and Charlie Chaplin and the Beatles and J. D. Salinger and Lorne Michaels who reminds me of the importance of comedy, and Cameron Crowe, whose work consistently reminds me of why I want to be an actor.

And those people are my creative trailblazers, but I am not following in any of their paths. And what’s incredible about them is that they help make me want to be more myself. Because they are all originals and I hope you’ll find your trailblazers—and trust me, I do not need to be one of them.. I probably shouldn’t be one of them—but that you’ll continue to harness your own originality and what makes you unique because I know that when you’re a teenager, and even sometime when you’re an adult, what sets you apart can feel like a burden, and it’s not.

A lot of the time it’s what makes you great.”


— Emma Stone (via rendezvoussss)

What sets you apart … is what makes you great.



I <3 Emma Stone.

I <3 Emma Stone.
Wow. I’m like speechless. Gah, bravo David Fincher!
And Rooney Mara… damn, she surprised me.
Amazing film, amazing story, & amazing acting. Seriously.
I can’t believe I didn’t watch this earlier.
legit. she fit that Snow White role pretty well.
I just love the dark twist to the fairytale. Good directing & great visuals.
epic movie, I must say.
not a bad british accent either, KStew. Props.

"When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us"

— Alexander Graham Bell (via trytoletitbe)