The Untouchables.

The Dalits, or the “untouchables,” are those who have been broken and beaten down deliberately by those above them in the social hierarchy.

They comprise about 250 million people in India.

They are constantly put through violent discrimination, dehumanization, and enslavement through human trafficking every single day.

Global research confirms that the Dalits are the largest number of people categorized as victims of modern day slavery.

You’ve all seen Slumdog Millionaire. All of it is true, but it is JUST a part of what is going on in India.

"Untouchables are shunned, insulted, banned from temples and higher caste homes, made to eat and drink from separate utensils in public places, and, in extreme but not uncommon cases, are raped, burned, lynched, and gunned down." -National Geographic

A man spoke at my university chapel yesterday about this grave issue that I barely realized was actual reality.

He told us about the horrendous accounts of Hindu women, whose eyes would be gashed out in order to make them become more like beggars. He told us about the children in the slums, who are not even allowed to walk on streets because they will make them impure.

India’s population is growing and so are the number of children born into this unjust caste system.

I just find the need to share this because if I had the slightest clue about it, what about everybody else in the world?

Help end this madness. Support Dalit Freedom Network.